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Certified Nursing Assistant Exam After A CNA Training Class

nursing-assistant-schoolsCertified nursing assistant exam usually follows the completion of a CNA training class that may last from one month or up to twelve weeks depending on many factors such as the state required curriculum, hours allocated per week to the training program, etc.

State requirements for the training program vary from one state to another and you need to consider this before you determine which state you would like to take the certified nursing assistant exam in and become a certified nursing assistant before you enroll in a CNA training class. Some states may not be as stringent as other states and this is one factor that you need to consider.

Federal regulation CNA training requirements advocate a minimum of 75 hours of nursing assistant training. The training program comprises the textbook portion, practice sessions of the concepts that is usually performed on mannequins and the clinical portion were you get to practice the skills you have learned in a real life situation usually at a medical facility with medical staff and real life patients. You will be supervised by various medical staff usually a Registered Nurse (RN).

When you complete a CNA training class, you will then be able to take the certified nursing assistant exam. You are usually required to sign up for this exam within 90 days after completing the program requirements. The training will usually put you in a place where you understand the basics of the profession as well as what is required of you as a CNA and you should be able to pass the exam if you put in the effort.


Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Composition

The certified nursing assistant exam varies as mentioned previously from state to state but are still quite similar in content and structure. There are two portions of the exam i.e. the written portion and the clinical. Before taking the exam, it is best to take a practice run with a sample test so that you know what to expect on the big day.

The written portion of the certified nursing assistant exam will test how aware and comfortable you are with the basic procedures and concepts. Textbooks and various CNA training class notes should help you to excel in this portion.Nurse Holding Medical Chart

The clinical portion will usually ask for a demonstration from you on the skills you learned during the training program. The state examiner will usually watch your every move and you will be tested on such skills as privacy, grooming, how to take a patient’s temperature, how to change the bed linens with a patient still in bed, proper hand washing, etc. Some of these may seem basic but they are very important and need to be performed in the way that you were trained.

If you are nervous about the exam, you may want to consider forming or joining a study group with your classmates to help you boost your confidence. Proper preparation for the exam will help to alleviate your concerns and fears. You may also be able to obtain practice tests to help you boost your confidence both online and offline and some of them will be included in your course material.

Taking and passing the certified nursing assistant exam will help you to take control of your future and help you to acquire a position in this rewarding career. While you may prove your merits during the training program, passing the exam will make potential employers confident about hiring you.

Many employers will usually hire you after completing the program requirements usually if they see something special in you during the clinical phase of the program. And though you may be able to start work after completing the program but before taking and passing the certified nursing assistant exam, you will only be able to keep your position once you obtain this certification by passing the exam within a reasonable time.

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