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What is a CNA?

how-to-becoma-a-cnaA CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is a person who assists or giving care to patients that needs supervision. A CNA must have license in performing certain procedures. It will vary depending upon where you live or work. Some institutions are nursing homes, hospitals, adult day cares, and personal homes are requires a helpful nursing assistant. This is really a tough job for CNA’s because aside from having contact with patients supervising their vital conditions, the workload is intense and fast-paced. Being a certified nursing assistant is huge responsibility of taking care of the patients. You will be dealing with different kinds of patients with different kinds of diseases. So it is very important that patients are made to stay in a hygienic atmosphere.

This job is very rewarding because there is a desire to help people during their difficult days. Engaging in this kind of job needs to have an effective communication, a good interpersonal skill, and practical skills and must be a team player. Practical skills include the routine care of patients such as bathing, feeding, moving, as well as monitoring vital signs like body temperature and blood pressure.

Communication skills involve listening, responding and documenting what patients tell you about themselves and their unique needs. Active listening is also the key to gather their unexpressed needs and accepting them as worthy human beings who deserve your attention. A good training is also a valuable trait to better supervised the patient’s health conditions. All CNA’s must take training and examination in becoming a qualified nursing assistant. There are some programs offered by online schools or could be through medical facilities.

Confidentiality is another important quality of a good nursing assistant. They work with different people with various issues and very often hear what they are not supposed to know and what others should not know. So, ability to keep mouth shut when needed is very valuable. Besides that it helps to build trustful relationships with patients. And it is very professional not to spill the beans.

cna-trainingPatients usually are elder and/or disabled people and CNA’s task is to protect them, ensure they feel comfort and safe where they are in their condition. They need to remember and take into consideration patients’ dignity and privacy and treat them gently and kindly. They show their respect to patients in their words, in the way they treat them and in the way act and look. This is why wearing their uniform properly in all times is very important.

You don’t need to have any degree to become an eligible CNA or to undergo training. To get admitted, you must have a high school diploma. The duration of the training mostly lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. Training classes are conducted by experienced registered nurses equipped with all the essential facilities like mannequins, Hoyer lift, wheelchairs, hospital beds and other medical equipments. An efficient CNA requires a lot of time, practice and of course, patience.  There are two examinations must be taken, written and practical

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